We are mindful that each project we take on requires a slightly different approach negotiated and agreed with the team at the outset. Our task is not only to see each project through to fruition, but also to create an environment custom made for the particular needs and aspirations of the users. With a ‘brand- centric’ project such as this, an underlying ethos is required;to create unity, a place of belonging and a sense of team work.

Projects undertaken by Croquis are based on multidisciplinary knowledge. We work hand-in-hand with specialists such as landscape architects, engineers, experts in acoustics, economists, photographers, designers, artists, authors, lighting technicians and pioneers.

Our design process is open, interactive, and collaborative. We believe that great design need not be created through arrogance and ego, but in a way that can sustain us all and allow each of us to grow and learn. Great ideas can come from anyone on the team, and design inspiration from a range of sources, including art, science, history or philosophy.

The trending practices of co-working and non-traditional workplaces are reflective of the millennial culture. In many cities there has been a revolution in the types of spaces in which people want to work.

Open, non-hierarchical floorplans are in demand now, with collaborative spaces that allow for an informal exchange of ideas.